Life Insurance

Life insurance to protect your family means that if you die within the term of your policy then the life insurance company pays out a specified lump sum of money to your beneficiaries.

How much it will cost you every month will depend on your age, your gender, your health and if you smoke. It's usually worth taking out a long term policy whilst you're in good health and as soon as you have a financial responsibility to cover, such as a family or mortgage.

Level Term Assurance - pays out a fixed lump sum if you die during the term of the policy. Suitable to provide cover for your family, an interest only mortgage.

Decreasing Term Assurance - usually uses to provide cover for a repayment mortgage as the sum paid out decreases over the term of the policy in line with the outstanding mortgage. Cheaper than level term assurance.

Life insurance is available for:

  • Single cover
  • Joint cover
  • Mortgage cover
  • Poor health
  • Hazardous Occupations
  • Risky sports and hobbies

If you prefer to speak to an adviser,call 0800 018 1315 to discuss your requirements and make the appropriate arrangements for you, making applying for your cover as easy as possible.

We offer competitive life insurance quotations and a quality service.

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